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Annual Day cum Graduation Ceremony

The auspicious evening began with traditional lamp lighting followed by the Welcome Address by the Director Principal, Mr. U.S. Verma. He congratulated the graduates of class I and urged the parents to spend quality time with their children so that they could be groomed as wholesome personalities. The students of class Prep.  bade adieu to their friends of class I, who would be a part of School’s Primary wing. The highlight of the evening was Odyssey- A Voyage to Excellence where the young angels recounted all the experiences and achievements of the year gone by and the giant strides that the school has taken to reach the zenith. The evening culminated with the Graduation Ceremony. The children of class I were presented with convocation mementos by the chief guest. It was an emotional and joyous moment for the parents to see their little ones in graduation gowns. The presentation culminated with the words of wisdom by the chief guest, appreciating the scintillating performance of the young scholars and efforts put in by the committed team of teachers under the inspiriting leadership of Mr. U.S. Verma. Charvi Vashisht and Dhruv Chaudhary of class I proposed the vote of thanks.



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