Annual Day Class - Prep

The evening was graced by Dr. Smriti Pandey, Director, Patient Care Services, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences. The events of the auspicious evening began with traditional lamp lighting ceremony followed by the release of souvenir to commemorate the relevance of music in our lives. The audience were taken to an enthralling journey by the Grandmother in the play to unravel the mysteries of music. The presentation filled the atmosphere with bundles of surprises, and touched the heart of everyone present there. The presentation was a humble attempt by the young angels to bring home the noble values of love and sacrifice, which should be the hallmark of every human society.

A short video highlighting the scenes behind the curtain left the audience spellbound. Mesmerizing music, vibrant costumes and captivating dance moves set the tone and the mood of the evening.

The presentation was culminated with the vote of thanks extended by the young scholars of Class Prep.